Thursday, August 04, 2011

News from Building 10

The Good News

The cyst is the same as it was last May with Dr. V.

It's just a small blimp at the bottom edge of the brainstem tumor.

The Bad News

We didn't get to see the famous Dr. L. In fact, even when things are moving and shaking and looking surgery-bound in my sweet boys brain, we've never seen Dr. L.

We also didn't get to see the fellow until 12:05. (I understand waiting patiently...but we are also on a shuttle/plane schedule!)

I did quickly ask, as the fellow quickly assessed my sweet son's neuro function, if this has ever been seen before with VHL brain cysts, and it hasn't. I was also able to quickly ask if the fellow had an explanation for the disappearing cyst, and he said, "The cyst might have ruptured."

And then we left!

If I hear "we don't know" even one more time...
I'll explode.

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