Thursday, August 04, 2011

News from the Inn

We just can't help it!

Every time we've checked into the in for the past six years, yes! six years!, I've used the elevator to carry baggage to the room.

I can't help it!
Whether it be from the typical early flight, the two hours in the air, or the monotony of long hours of waiting in the airport, I'm exhausted by the time we reach the inn.

My sweet son, on the other hand, has raced up the stairs for six years, yes! six years! He has boundless energy, takes the steps two at a time, and likes to goad me for my travel weary ways.

He can't help it!

And he beats me to the second floor every time!
We've played with rules and changed approaches, but without unforeseen circumstances like a stampede of five year olds or a broken tibia, I doubt that I'll ever beat Steven to the second floor.

I just can't help it!

Steven's itinerary from the nurse at NIH allowed him reimbursement for a hotel room this trip. Because my sweet son now receives these itineraries himself, and because of his general lack of planning, we didn't know that we had the opportunity to stay at a hotel this time until well after we were checked into the Inn.

My sweet son is honored that he is being acknowledged for the adult that he is, and he will gladly stay at a hotel next time.

I'll be sad when the "race to the room" doesn't happen any more.
I'm tired of these big changes.

We just can't help it!

I hope my sweet son will treasure the memories of "the race to the room" half as much as I will.

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