Monday, September 15, 2014

Super Powers

My husband has super powers.

He can fall asleep within two seconds of hitting a chair.

It doesn't matter if there is noise, light, or 5,000,000 gallons of caffeine running through his veins.

When he sits down, he sleeps.

(He does not have narcolepsy or any other sleep disorder. His ability to fall asleep is simply a talent of super-power proportions.)

I, on the other hand, have no such super-power. In fact, in times of stress, I don't even possess the normal abilities to lie down at eleven p.m., fall asleep within five minutes, and get eight hours of rest.

The struggle is very real right now.

He also, thankfully, possesses the super power of being able to make us laugh even during times of stress.

Location:Center Dr,Bethesda,United States

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Guilty

It seems that if you are guilty of negligence in your writing and posting duties....

And your sweet son asks, from Miami, for you to put up a blog post with pictures of his dogs...

And you haven't posted for so long that the entire virtual story world has flipped upside down...

And changed so much that you don't even recognize the homepage...

And you have lesson plans galore that need your attention...

Along with an upcoming observation....

And you really aren't sure if your time is wisely spent....

Trying to figure out this new virtual format...

Your sweet son may never get to see those dog pictures that he so badly craves,
during finals week.

Thankfully our sweet son will be home in two or so weeks, and he will have an entire summer, except for the time spent at a really cool internship, to stare at his dogs!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


...a poll...

Dale is thankful for me!

I am thanful for my family.

Steven is thankful for books, but not law books.

David is thankful for baseball.

Mary is thankful for love.

And the puppies are thankful for Steven!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day Late

...and a not a dollar short!...

Yesterday was my sweet son's birthday.

Though we called him bright and early yesterday morning to sing happy birthday, I am a day late in wishing him a world-wide-web happy birthday.

He's a poor, struggling law student now, so his dad and I "padded" his checking account a bit.

So he is no longer a dollar short!

He also asked for a recent picture of his dogs, and I do my best to make birthday wishes come true!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Guess Who is Home!

While I won't get into the details of the last time I saw my sweet son and why fall break is good for me,

I will let you know that it's wonderful for Steven to be home for a week.

Last night we watched a scary movie, and this morning the sound of animated Japanese cartoons filled the coffee hour!

...and we've already made a Target run...
...and we're having pizza for dinner...
...and the dogs have already enjoyed two LONG walks...
...and we've already teased his dad with stories of missed trains...
...and I've listened to his opinions on events, both local and global...
...and sometimes just touching your child gives your peace...

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Conversations from Miami

"Hey Mom?"
"Hi Steven, what's going on"
"I have a question..."
"Did you guys hit the lotto last night?"
"Just wondering..."

"Hi Steven."
"Hi Mom. I have a question."
"The answer is 'no.' We didn't hit the lotto."
"How did you know my question?"

I see the theme for the next three years of conversations.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shop for a Cause!

I've been neglecting my fundraising duties...and I feel horrible about that!

We didn't plan a pancake breakfast this past May because we thought Steven would be having brain surgery...good reason...but still I felt a bit very bad. I thought we could do a breakfast in December, when he is home, but now I've decided, in light of my recent health issues, to skip that also. Again...good reason...but I feel a bit very bad that we aren't helping fund the cure.

Imagine my pure delight when I realized that we can still work together to find a cure for my sweet son.

This coming Saturday (August 27) you can "Shop for a Cure" at Macy's! All that you need to do is contact me, or the VHLFA, for a "saving/shopping pass" (purchased for a mere $5), and then you shop!

And save 25% all day long!
On regular, sale and clearance items!
Oh the joy!

The best part...100% of your $5 saving/shopping pass will benefit our mission!


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