Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I disagree with Elizabeth Kubler Ross.  I think the first stage of grief should be "processing".

Steven had his first post-op visit with Dr. V yesterday.  

He is healing well in the world of scars and wounds.

He expressed concern about the continued dizziness and nystagmus.

The wonderful Dr. V explained that it was the result of the stroke that my sweet, sweet son suffered.

This is the first that we had heard of this stroke.

I, per our agreement circa 2007, stayed in the waiting room.

I have no idea if the stroke happened during the surgery or immediately after the surgery.

It showed on the MRI that is routinely done 12 hours after the surgery.

The radiology report states "an acute infarction within the medial left cerebellar hemisphere within a PICA territory adjacent to the resection cavity with surrounding edema".

I have already googled most of the terms that I didn't already know.

He will be seen again in six weeks.

Dr V told Steven that more recovery is still possible.

The next appointment is May 22nd.

My sweet son is a crazy madman when it comes to determination and fortitude, so I'm being a crazy madman mother and searching for exercises he can do to reduce dizziness and nystagmus.

And I'm processing the idea that my sweet, sweet son had a stroke
and the reality of this disease,
and the possibilities of his recovery
and the plan of ways to help him.

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