Thursday, August 05, 2010


from the NIH

1. First and foremost, stable is a beautiful word.

2. My son whispered, "You staying out here, right?", but my needs prevailed.

Now I feel bad.

3. The depth and scope of a neurological exam seems to be indirectly proportioned to the years that a neurosurgeon has been practicing.

3a. I'd swear that the neurosurgical fellow was testing reflexes in my sweet son's pinkie toes today.

4. Being in a protocol here at NIH is a privilege. "Children" who smoke 30 cigarettes a day should not be given that privilege.

Enough said.

5. The Children's Inn fills my heart.

6. Shuttle drivers are under appreciated.

7. Metro cards are sensitive beasts. Treat them with love.

8. My son has adapted my mantra, "sleep cheap but eat well", when traveling.

9. We still have sites to see, despite five years of bi-annual visits.

10. Last but not least, stable is a beautiful word.

1 comment:

Keli said...

Yes it is great to hear the word 'stable'. Hoping you are also getting some rest.


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