Monday, July 30, 2007

Just in Case You're Feeling Bored and Lonely Today

I have an explanation

Mary, my little girl, is at a YMCA camp for the week, so things are pretty quiet in the house this morning. And boring. And lonely.
Mary is attending a day-camp designed for pre-teen and early teen girls. The camp is called the "Ophelia Summer Program", and it's main objective is to infuse these developing girls with self-confidence, self-esteem and better self-expression!


I'm not sure how they'll handle Mary!

Although she just now qualifies for the age limits of the camp, I think she's been working on the objectives for quite a while!

Just in case you really are bored or lonely...

While we a drifting in this lonely sort of peace and quiet this week, I think we should use these more tranquil days to attack "The List."

"The List" includes a few final items that need to be addressed before the pancake breakfast.

I really need to figure out this Pay-Pal situation. There's a whole alternative world out there in cyber-land, and I have no idea how it works! This includes Pay-Pal! I would like a button on the site for donations, however, so TODAY I'm going to learn!

Steven and I hashed out ideas last night for a breakfast t-shirt. We are struggling! After a rather dismal try to associate words with "V", "H", and "L" that would convey the life with this disease, we've changed tracks. Now we're playing around ideas of using graphics to display the hope, courage and strength that is such an integral part of Steven's life. So while the idea of the t-shirt is perhaps coming together, we still need a way to actually produce them without a huge expense!
Oh my!

I'm a bit worried that a line might wait for breakfast outside the door of the restaurant. That would be a wonderful worry, as the more people who come the more money we raise, but I really don't want people to be frustrated and bored. I decided this past weekend, yes at the last moment possible, that it would be great fun for the children if a friendly clown or such was there to entertain and make the balloon figures that children love so much. While I'll start searching today, any ideas would be helpful!

And, we're heading back to Bethesda at the end of the week. As part of the commitment to finding a cure, Steven has been participating in a clinical study at the National Institutes of Health. Thursday and Friday are MRI and clinic days. He is feeling so absolutely well now, not even the usual headaches, that I'm expecting nothing but a glowing report of stable tumors!
This visit we'll drink our bubble tea in celebration!

I woke with a horrible headache this morning and stresses just seeping out of my pores.
I think I best tread gently today while chanting "No worries" over and over! me with ideas and answers! Help!


Britt-Arnhild said...

Good luck to the camp-girl, and good luck with all your preparations :-)

Angela said...

As my sister is forever chanting to me....just breath.


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