Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Feet

Getting in touch with his feminine side

Steven and I ran errand after errand this morning. And with every step taken and every mile passed, I grabbed the opportunity for some heart-to-heart conversations with my son. We talked about dorms and roommates and the logistics of televisions. We spoke of college majors and future plans. We were able to discuss hopes and dreams and finding new joys. We were able to talk about this new and really huge step toward independence.

And I was able to express my reality of missing him, missing him every single day.

Our last errand included delivering lunch to David, my working child, at 1:30. As Steven jumped back into the car, a sign caught his eye, and his face literally glowed.

"Mom, lets get pedicures!"

Seriously, on any other day I would have turned him down. I don't like one thing about pedicures. I don't like people attacking the skin around my nails with sharp little objects. I don't like someone rubbing lotions into the bottom of my very sensitive feet. I don't even like the way those little pumice stones feel against my skin. I simply don't like pedicures.

Today, however, after our long and meaningful morning talks, there was no way I was going to be able to say no to my boy! I simply couldn't say no! I had to agree!

And as I sat in that chair grimacing and squirming, little cries escaping with every twist of the nail-techs hands, I had to admit that I was enjoying every single moment of the torture!

Every moment!


Britt-Arnhild said...

Happy feets and happy trains to you both :-)

Jo said... rock! You gotta love a guy who is comfortable with a pedicure. :)

Beverly said...


He's not only comfortable with a pedicure...he enjoys it! Pure joy in the chair as those women massage his feet and snip his nails!

(I'm still not seeing the pleasure in it!)


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