Friday, July 27, 2007

In Case You Have Been Wondering...

...I don't like to talk money

I've been burying my head and avoiding the issue. I still have no idea how much supplies will cost, mostly because I'm afraid to hear that number! Even if I knew how much the goods are costing, I have no reasonable guess for the number of people who will come and eat breakfast with us. And, I really have no idea how much people are willing to pay for pancakes and sausages and a drink on a Saturday morning in August.

I've been shunning the stresses of pricing this breakfast.

I had to make a choice when the reporter came to visit, and I based that choice on some figures my mom and I came up with by pricing pancakes and sausages with a drink at a local restaurant. So seven dollars it is.


There you have it, in bold-face black extra-large font! Seven dollars.

But, of course, anyone who wants to pay $8 or $9 or even $10 or more for pancakes and sausage and a drink will not be turned away!

And as long as we're on the touchy subject...

Wouldn't it be wonderful
if the money available for medical research far surpassed the available technology? Wouldn't the world be a better place if people quit buying $4000 purses and $2000 shoes and spent that money on cancer research instead? Wouldn't life be the best if the scientists trying to find a cure had more money than the scientists who develop warfare? And although it is impossible to put a value on a human life, doesn't it just make sense that a cancer cell needs more money than a baseball player?

Wouldn't it be wonderful!
Wouldn't it be right?

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