Tuesday, June 26, 2007

College Life

He might just like it!

This past Sunday Steven and I helped Vanessa move into her dorm for a summer session of classes. We trudged, climbed and sweated our way through fifteen boxes of fluff!

But the results were wonderful!

Last night Steven had a chance to visit Vanessa and her new friends in the dorm and partake in a little bit of revelry before his big push into collge life.

He came home enthusiastic, eager and absolutely gushing over dorm life!

Maybe I need to remind him that he won't be living in a girl's dorm!


Angela said...

Uhhmmmmm yep. Maybe. But he can still go with the girly pink decor if he wishes! LOL

Jo said...

Are Steven and Vanessa going to the same college?? How awesome for them to not be alone...

Anonymous said...

Different schools...Vanessa is going to the school that Steven decided was "best" for him back at the FSU orientation!


I can read between the lines!


tongue in cheek said...

Love follows love.


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