Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Sixteen Interesting Things about David
On his Sixteenth Birthday

1. Seriously, David is all about the baseball.

2. Driving is also very important to David.
(Rest easy, he will NOT be getting his license today.)

3. Once upon a time David had a very bad habit. We had to pull an intervention. Many dollars and several appliances later, David broke the habit.

4. David is loud. He is loud, loud, LOUD!

5. David has a huge fear of throwing up.
Not much else in life scares David, but he absolutely shudders at the thought of vomit.

6. David has a few obsessive/compulsive behaviors.
Right now it's a pretty inconspicious flick of the right wrist.

7. Davd is very much like his dad...except for the whole vomit issue.
He even sounds like Dale on the phone.

8. David doens't want to grow up.
He's slightly upset about the thought that he is only four years from twenty!

9. David's favorite foods are sunflower seeds and Ceasar salad.

10. David truly admires Steven.

11. David admires his own muscles even more.

12. David is the ultimate "healthy child."
He has never had strep throat or an ear infection.

13. David makes the goofiest faces and the strangest noises, still.
He does it to make us laugh!

14. David has the best sense of humor, ever!
I have funny story about books, sales tax and a rather shocked Barnes and Nobles sales clerk...but that will have to wait for Father's Day.

15. David has a soft and sensitive side.
It is usually reserved for his brother.

16. David is all about the fun.
He truly enjoys every moment!

Happy 16th Birthday Sweet Boy!

David and his birthday buddy, Jack

The tiara came with a "princess cake" and pretty balloons, courtesy of Steven and a friend!

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