Saturday, February 17, 2007


At War with Cancer

I happened upon an interesting video the other day. It described the continued decrease in appropriations for cancer research. ABC Newsreported that for a third year in a row, the President proposed a cut in funding to the NIH.

Steven's well being rests on this research. At the time there is no cure for VHL. He is sitting, at age 18 and not yet out of high school, with 8 tumors in his central nervous system. Two of these tumors seem active, growing in size, causing the surrounding edema, and developing the problematic cyst. In my heart I know that these two tumors will have to be dealt with before Steven finishes college. At the moment surgery is only a "bandaid" for these active CNS tumors. Brain and spinal cord surgery.

Surgery is also the only "bandaid" at the moment for the retinal tumors and kidney cancer.

I think, and hope, that research at the NIH is leading toward a drug therapy for these tumors. None exists at the moment. I am also hopeful - hopeful, since hope is really all that we have - that ongoing research at the NIH will produce a cure, a pure and simple cure, for VHL during Steven's life.

Research that requires government support and funding.

While funding for research and development at the NIH has a proposed decrease, funding for research and development of defense weapons development was increased, using 97% of the total increase in research and development funding.

Don't even get me started on on where his priorities lie!

Cheering up with sushi and bubble tea on Friday, February 2nd.
Our "bandaid"...sushi and bubble tea

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