Friday, November 03, 2006


Who is Steven?

When Dale came home last night...around 11 p.m. or so, as usual...he and I were still glowing in the aftermath of great SAT scores and Steven's first college admission.

Our conversation started with the obvious talk of thanksgiving for the paid tuition. We also chatted a bit about our pride in Steven's hard work.

Then our conversation went downhill, as it often does, as we started getting just just a little bit silly.

I mentioned something along the lines of, "Let's put him on Jeopardy. Maybe he can win enough money to pay for housing and food."

"Of course he would," Dale said. "He gets his smarts from me."

We digressed even further.

"No, he gets it from me."

"No, from me."

"No, I'm the smart one. He inherited his brains from me."

Suddenly Steven, the funny one, piped up from his bed.

"You guys are crazy. I'm a genetic mutant for goodness sakes!"


"I didn't inherit it from either one of you."

(But really he gets it from me...I'm the smart one!)

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