Wednesday, November 08, 2006



18 things to know about Steven:

1. Steven is right-handed, absolutely right handed. He can't do anything with his left.

2. Steven reads to fall asleep.

3. Steven LOVES Jones Soda.

4. Steven has never had braces. His is our only child with straight teeth.

5. Steven is a very good driver. He really is cautious.

6. Steven is the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family.

7. Steven loves both David and Mary, but he really enjoys the company of his brother.

8. Steven weighed 10 pounds, 15 1/2 ounces at birth. WOW!

9. Steven talks very softly. His quiet words, however, often carry some very profound thoughts

10. Steven started several family traditions, but the most frequently occuring tradition involves the name of my father. Steven, through a convoluted conversation between an old man and a two year old, started calling my dad "Bossie". It stuck.

11. Steven plays soccer. He started in kindergarten, and he LOVES the game.

12. Steven loves to eat. He dives into the typical teen-fare, like any other boy, but Steven also loves vegetables, fruit, meat and pasta. Steven so loves food that he actually enjoys trying many new and exotic delicacies... except onions

13. Steven dabbles. He knows a little about a lot of different subjects. His middle school soccer coach used to call Steven "The Renaissance Kid."

14. Daisy is Steven's best friend, after David of course.
(Daisy is our dog.)

15. Steven still hides his eyes during scary movies.

16. Steven's favorite hideout is Barnes and Nobles. Still. After perusing the shelves for hours, he loves to finish his evening with a cup of hot chai tea. I'm still privvy to such outings! (Sometimes.)

17. Steven really, really wants to travel to Italy.

18. Steven LOVES his senior year of high school. He is having more fun this year than I ever thought possible. There's talk of a senior trip...hmmm...

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