Thursday, November 02, 2006

Great Stuff

from the past 72 hours!

1. Steven has been accepted to Florida State University!!


2. Steven received SAT scores from the past October test, and these scores indicate that he will be eligible for a scholarship that pays full tuition in the state schools!!


3. Steven was elected captain of his high school soccer team!!


4. Unbelievable, but in 8 short days my sweet boy will be 18 years old.

We're planning a get-together to celebrate 18 years of "being Steven", and all are invited. It's really going to be an informal sort of party at a local park. I'm not a great party planner, and we have seriously been throwing money around (to appropriate places, of course) left and right lately...but we're really planning an informal sort of park party for a more important reason. Steven, you see, is such a laid back sort of boy...quiet, sweet, and not liking the limelight...that a quiet, sweet sort of laid-back party is perfect for him!

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Jo from NW Florida said...

WOW! Congratulations! I know you must be sooo proud.....buuuut FSU? Those are fighting words in our house, as Katie Jo has her heart set on attending medical school at U of F @ Gainesville. (Plus, Bob had some major surgeries there @ Shands to deal with some bone cancer). We might have a friendly rivalry going here. LOL
Congratulations - what a great relief to have college PAID FOR!!!


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