Saturday, April 23, 2011


"Mom, I'm really busy studying today. Can Dad and David run to Lowes and get the free trees for EarthDay?"

"Free trees? Wow!"

"Yeah, they'll be great for the backyard."

His father was not amused by the size of the "tree".
His brother was.
And his puppy considered this "tree"..."lunch"!

"Steven, is 'The Avengers' coming out in theaters this summer?"

"No, do you know about 'The Avengers'?"

"Because you took me to see 'The Hulk' that one summer and you told me all about the Avengers."

"Well, 'The Avengers' doesn't come out until next summer, but this summer we can see 'Thor' on May 6th and 'Captain America' on July 22nd."

And my super-hero-loving, movie-going son graduates from college in two weeks. I think I know how he plans to spend the months before law school starts. Now if only a Batman and Spiderman movie would premier this summer, his life would be complete!

"Dad, tell mom that she doesn't need to come for this MRI."


"Ask her if she'll be there for the appointment."

Always my sweet son.

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