Sunday, August 30, 2009

Speaking of School...

"Have you told anyone that I'm ready to babysit?"

"Not yet, but I will."

"Good, because I need to start saving for a car,

because by the time I'm in high school, Dad will be in his 60s."


"That's too old to drive me to school."

For the record, Mary's dad is 50. She is in the 7th grade, and will start high school in 2 years.
Don't do her will make your head spin.


carole said...

Hi Beverly:
She is adorable and industrious too!!!
I am remiss but it is do to health :(
I am much better and trying to catch up with my favorite people. How is your wonderful son doing?
You two were so delightful to be in your company when you came out here. What a fun day I had : )
I have had a grand daughter but I have only seen her 3 times in her 5 weeks of life as I was ill. YUK. Yet, I talk to her and her Mom most every day : )
She squeeks all of the time : )
Have a great week end.
Your California friend

Becky Smith said...

Yeah, I must say that sort of math is a little bit scary! It's good she's planning ahead, though.

Blessings to you and your family today.

tongue in cheek said...

I love reading this entry. Every time I do I giggle.


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