Saturday, August 29, 2009


The First Day Week

My beautiful little girl is in 7th grade. When did this happen and why is this allowed? Didn't anyone tell her that she is my little girl?

David seriously asked me if he could drop one of his five physical education classes because he thought it might be too much work. He's a senior this year.

My sweet boy came home for an evening. He said that he needed some supplies, but I'm secretly hoping that he just needed to see his family. We ended up having a wonderful time...watching a sweet memorial for one his his favorites, visiting the old bookstore, and just talking. In the course of the ebbs and flows that make our convoluted conversations, we ended in a discourse about natural talents, exceeding your potential, and setting goals high.

Our final conclusion:
What a wonderful world we would live in the the best and brightest eagerly sought out positions to teach.

1 comment:

Sheryl said...

FIVE phy ed classes?! oh he's got it rough!!

your daughter sure is pretty - those eyes are amazing.

i imagine those conversations between you and steven are priceless! sounds like the two of you could solve the world's problems.

we have one more week of summer vacation - going to enjoy every second of it.


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