Friday, December 28, 2007


Oh Brother!

Steven had a yearly sort of eye check today. His retinas remain miraculously free of VHL issues.

However, several years ago a small "hole" was discovered in his retina. We were told then that the "hole" was the result of some sort of trauma. The good news was that the hole was very, very small and had healed nicely, all on it's own.

Today we were told that the "tear" is larger, has underlying fluid around it, and could cause major damage to Steven's sight if left untreated.

So Steven had a rather unexpected laser surgery to that eye this afternoon to prevent further damage to the retina.

We were reassured once again that this is not disease related, but thankfully it is simply a bad-luck consequence from trauma to the head.

Trauma that we don't remember happening.

Steven believes that the trauma might be soccer related.

I believe the trauma is brother related! have to love them!


Britt-Arnhild said...

Cool. I know you are so proud of your kids and I truly understand why :-)

You and they are in my daily prayers.

tongue in cheek said...

Love like this is the best gift of all.
I love seeing photos of your children.

Happiness is evident.

Psychomom said...

I hope my sons get along like yours someday (soon). It took many years for me and my little sister to like eachother but now we are BFFs. Steven is such a good big brother!


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