Saturday, September 01, 2007

Such Is My Life

Since 2005

Apologies to all who might have been driving south on Parsons Ave between Wheeler and Windhorst this morning and witnessed a crazy middle-aged woman driving a white mini-van erratically.

That was me.

I had to frantically change lanes and charge after a truck that was adorned with signs of "The Charity Supplier". The sign had a phone number and website for this organization, and I desperately was trying to keep within eyesight of the truck so I could copy the site address onto a scrap of paper while also trying to keep the van on the correct side of the road.

This sort of information is important to me now.

Unfortunately this association doesn't seem to offer supplies that will help with future fundraising activities.

Such is my life!


diary of a genetic defect said...

thanks, i agree with you!

Angela said...

So that was YOU! I wondered who that silly woman was! Now I have a face to go with the name. LOL

tongue in cheek said...

I could see you and feel your excitment, what luck, and i would have done the same thig!

diary of a genetic defect said...

thank you, we got our gift and it was really lovely to get it. thanks again. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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