Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Glory Revealed - The Ramblings

When Steven was in the hospital this past June, I had a chance to come home on Tuesday and Wednesday to shower and change clothes. Those were long and lonely rides, friends, battling with emotions and fears that were kept in check in the hospital. Fortunately and with perfect timing, a song called "By his Wounds" was played on my favorite radio station during each leg of the drive.

And this song kept me going.

It gave me peace when I feared for the wound that wasn't only on the back of Steven's head but also deep into brain tissue. It saved me from my fears about Steven's chances of living a strong and full life in light of the disease that caused this tumor. This song grounded me in the belief that we are so very Loved that the Hands that were pierced for us will hold us tenderly and carefully through all of the hardships that we face here on this earth.

I didn't know the name of the song nor the artists that performed it. But I did know the first few words, and this weekend I was fortunate enough to find the video on YouTube!

Funny enough, as I watched the video this past weekend, I kept thinking that one of the singers looks like an old Backstreet Boy...and then I saw the names associated with the song...and guess what!?!

(I think I know who took
his spot in the band!)

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