Thursday, August 09, 2007


Which is which?

Steven ran half way across the country today to pick up the shirts that we ordered early last week.

My sister and I have spent the evening ironing, creating our own version of the design because I think we may need more than 24 shirts.

Can you tell which is professional and which is home-made?

Dale and David are running half way across the country early tomorrow morning to ask the "professionals" to put the word "Steven" under the word "Cure"... since that was the design that we had talked about last week...and those were the instructions written on the order the dude who was so great in helping us...and so incredibly touched by Steven's story...but also happened to be fired from the job at the time he was sitting at the front desk...yes, I said fired and still taking orders at the front desk, with noone else around...and I'm not even complaining that "strength" isn't wrapped around the stars, like the word "hope" is...since that was another thing that we talked about last week...and was written on the order the dude who was fired from the professional job...but still sits at the front desk...and stills writes down the specifics of your design on order sheets...and collects the money, cash only...but forgets never turn the order in...just another story on this journey!

Cure Steven!
Cure VHL!
Cure kidney cancer!
Eat pancakes on Saturday morning!

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