Friday, May 04, 2007

The Posts You'll Never Read

I truly only keep this blog updated for Steven. I want to record notes and thoughts of this unique journey for Steven, and I tend to edit myself before the words even begin to swirl around in my head.


One day, when news is bad or a medical procedure looms, Steven will be able to read about his determination and gather his strength.

One day, when he has questions, Steven will be able to chronologically review previous scans and surgeries and make educated decisions.

One day, possibly, this disease will make the news in a great way, and the world will be able to read about a young man's grace and courage. Maybe Steven will change a life.

One day, when he most needs it, Steven will be able to read about my determination to cure* him, and he will know how loved he is.

But somedays I feel like writing about other things. Things that drive me nuts. Things that make me laugh. Cute things. Things in this life that just aren't right. Things that have nothing to do with sweet Steven.

I won't write those stories, not today and not ever. Not here. I really feel that I have a purpose when I sit and stare at this keyboard, and I want to stay true to that purpose. But if I were to write about reality...headlines would look something like this:

"He Made Me Do It"
And Other Excuses a Dad Should Never Use

Peter Pan:
Alive and Well and Living in Brandon Florida

Three Loads a Day

What Do I Do
When the Children Grow Up?

My Vacation Plans:
Far, Far Away
And All by Myself

Convincing the IRS Man–
“Ididn’t Doit” and “It'snot Mine"
Really Are Living in this House

The Things They Never Teach You in College

Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands!
And Other Dirty Secrets from Our House

The Day Ol' Betsy Blew Up

I've Been Shown my Strength
Because He Wouldn't Stop Watching ESPN
To Help Me Pick Up 7 Baskets of Wet Laundry

(Yes, the dryer was broken.
No, it wasn't the Superbowl.
Yes, I truly was 8 months pregnant at the time.)

The Dog Ate What?

Flying Soccer Balls,
Crashing Baseballs

How to Replace a Broken Window

Dusty Bunnies and Sporadic Spiders:
Our Family Pets

Hospital Waiting Rooms
And the People Who Won't Wait

Put Some Clothes On!

Feisty Little Girls:
Even More Tales of Mary

(Because there are more...
so many more stories.)

Housetraining your dog
In Three Short Years

Who Taught the Boys to Aim?

The Man-Cold
A Sad, Sad Tale of a Very "Sick" Man

(Thanks Melanie!)

No stories tonight. Sorry. You can fill in the details!

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