Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just the Facts

Because we just got home, and my mom is making dinner for us so I need to hurry, and there was tons of information to process, and we need to make decisions, and sometimes my heart is just breaking so much for that sweet boy and my energies are spent encouraging him that I can't come here and be uplifting...

today it is just the facts.

1. We saw another new resident/fellow today. Another long explanation of Steven's history.

2. I left December's scans in the van, because no one ever asks for the old scans.

3. I used valet parking, so when I left the room to retrieve the December scans, I had about 5 minutes of panic when I couldn't find my keys.

4. I returned to the exam room and told the resident that I would have just a little bit of trouble finding those scans...

5. Dr. v was prompt today!

6. And he hung the scans in the room!

7. And he had his usual bedside manner.

8. Nobody ignored the cyst this time.

9. After a lengthy explanation of how the serum actually leaks from the tumor, Dr. v gave us options.

10. Option one is to watch the cyst.

11. We all agreed that given the recent growth and Steven's symptoms, this is not a good option.

12. Option two is to use the gamma knife radiation to obliterate the tumor.

13. Dr. v pointed out that gamma knife is not really an option once a cyst has formed.

14. Surgery, through the old incision and then snipping through bits of cerebellum, was option three.

15. After another lengthy discussion about how the brain tissue stretches and the flexibility of the tissue in replacing the "blank space" left by the large cyst, Dr. v mentioned this coming Monday as surgery day. He also mentioned several pre-surgery procedures that would need to happen this week.

16. My brain went into hyper-speed, trying to remember all the important dates/activities in this week, graduation week, and next week, FSU orientation week.

17. I almost didn't notice the look on Steven's face. He just wasn't prepared to hear about a surgery looming that quickly.

18. Monday, May 28th is not a possible surgery day becaues Dr v will be scuba diving off the coast of some far-away island.

19. The other possible day is Monday, June 4th.

20. Dr. v warned that three weeks is a bit long to live with a large cyst that has been growing at the rate that Steven's has.

21. But Steven needs time to prepare...and we have a bit of celebrating to do this week.

22. I have to call the Dr v's office tomorrow morning with the final decision.

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Jo said...

oh my - where have I been????? I am preparing for an all-out prayer-fest to lift Steven up to God. My prayers will be with you too - what incredible timing to have to make a surgery date right now in the midst of all these memory making events. How thankful you must be that Steven is such a great guy, determined not to let any of this mess up his senior year. I am humbled by his grace and character.


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