Monday, May 14, 2007

The Big Picture

Steven' Brain.

December 2006

February 2007

May 2007

All the same view. All the same tumor and associated cyst. Six months time.

I'm not sure what the appointment tomorrow will bring. I've been fooled the past two times, so I'm hesitant to even try and guess. But, if I'm forced to make a prediction, I would guess that Steven will be going to FSU in the fall, and the pesky tumor won't.

While I can now see what is growing in Steven's cerebellum and causing the episodes of extreme dizziness, I can only guess at what grows in his heart.

I do know that whatever is brewing around in there is tough, very tough. I can't believe that the complaints of dizziness have been as infrequent as they have, given the rapid growth of the cyst.

I do know that whatever is stewing around in Steven's heart is determined,very determined. In the midst of all of this "yuck", Steven has not missed one day of school nor one senior activity. There have been several days when I've seen him hold his head in an attempt to steady the room, only to press on and walk out the door to school.

I know that what ever is growing in his brain doesn't stand a fighting chance against the things that grow in his heart.

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