Tuesday, March 13, 2007

These are the Days

When It Really Does Seem Easy

Steven's visit at the doctors' today was really very, very uneventful. Really. We only had old scans to share (abdominal CT, summer 2006), and Steven's abdominal scans really are very boring. The recent 24 hour urine catch proved normal, indicating all is well in the adrenal glands.
Things were so smooth today that the hot topics of conversation were MRI versus CT scans in the future and where exactly that "incidental" cyst is on the CT scan.

Nothing shocking. Nothing new. Nothing bad. Nothing, except a 2 hour car ride in rush-hour traffic on the most inane highway in the world while my transmission continued to clunk, to report.

These are the days that make it all seem easy.

(It's not. Not at all. Nothing easy about the brain or spine MRI for us. Nothing. Nothing easy about brain surgery. Nothing. Nothing easy about a disease for which there is no cure. Nothing. Nothing easy about reading about the many of VHL warriors who suffer the after effects of multiple brain surgeries very early in life. Nothing. Nothing easy about the magnitude of forever. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.)

But today was easy.

We need that sometimes.
It strengthens us.
And gives us hope.

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