Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Friday

Ten Reasons why today is a "Happy Friday"

1. Mary did NOT use scissors today.

2. Mid-term exams are done, over, and complete for my study-challenged middle child.

3. Antonio will visit tonight.

4. We can stay up a little later tonight without "paying the price" in the morning.

5. What Not to Wear!!

6. I enjoyed an early dinner at Bennigans with my three favorite people.

7. And I almost convinced David that he would need to pay for our dinner.

8. A deposit for tuition to FSU was sent.

9. Nana will be home soon, and Mary misses her so, so, SO much.

10. Steven's retinas are happy, healthy, and tumor-free!

Unbelievably, for a teenager who seems to have a fairly large involvement of VHL tumors in his CNS, Steven continues to remain free of the growths in his eyes. This is true despite the fact that Steven's specific genetc mutation indicates that he would be susceptible to all VHL tumors...equally.

And yet, he remains remarkably free of these debilitating eye tumors.

Oh Happy Day!
Oh Happy Day!

1 comment:

Heather said...

That is great!! I hope that he continues to be tumor free in his retina's. I wish the same would have been true for my mother.

I LOVE What Not to Wear! That is one of my all time favorite shows on TLC!


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