Sunday, December 17, 2006


Yesterday was a much better day for Steven. After the moaning and pill popping revelry of Friday, I was beginning to get a little worried.

Saturday, however, dawned bright and cheery, with just enough medicine to stay on top of the pain. Steven was chipper enough to visit with grandparents, talk on the phone with a friend, and practice his lacrosse moves.

And, as Steven moved the lacrosse stick with his limited agility, it was satisfying to see that the doctor operated on the correct leg.

I guess that's what all those years of medical school teach to mark a leg with "yes" and and arrow! And that tickled us so much. I'm not sure why? Maybe we were expecting the marking to be closer to the ankle, or contain some profound medical words? I'm not sure, but laughter was definitely the best medicine yesterday.

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diary of a genetic defect said...

when I had my dressing removed from my right adrenalectomy the pen line the surgen drew was no where near my scar... you wonder what they do in there.


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