Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Tube

October, 2014

We are learning how to provide optimal nutrition to Steven through the tube without resorting to the Ensure method of feeding.
Apparently eggs, pancakes, and fruit salad, when puréed and blended with coffee and milk, don't do well with feeding tubes. Neither does any sort of pasta or potatoes.
That said, we are doing a fairly good job at pureeing chicken (beef is not so easy to blend), eggs, fruits, vegetables, greek yogurt and olive oil (extra fat!) to keep our boy "fed".  
He has lost about twenty pounds since the surgery.  Five of those pounds were lost at home after we ditched the Ensure Plus (extra calories) feeds and moved on to food feeds.  Those five pounds, however, are well worth the lack of digestive problems, extra color in his cheeks, and an immune system that beat the bout of flu that went through our family in October!
We are learning as we go.

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