Thursday, July 21, 2011

Because I Live with a Genius

I get to hear conversations like this,
which fully support and explain Schiffer's dual brain theory.

"Mary, please dont text while I'm talking to you."

Don't worry Mom. I have two brains."

Sometimes it's best to just sit back, be quiet, and enjoy the treat that will come out of her mouth eventually.

"Yeah, I learned this in science. One side of your brain is for listening, and one side of your brain is for talking. Texting is basically talking, so I can do both at once and fully hear what you're trying to tell me."

Love this girl!


Keli said...

I love it! Now I know why I can type an email and still hear and participate in the conversations around me. Here I just thought I was!

Laura said...

This really made me smile lol and i will be stealing that line and using it on my parents :-p


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