Saturday, October 23, 2010


...brought to you by the month of October...

My sweet boy wants to be Paul Bunyan for our Halloween jaunt through the neighborhood.

And while the thought of Steven dressing like a mythological lumberjack who befriends a blue ox doesn't pariticularly frighten me, the beard that he had to grow to complete the look is totally!

...brought to you by the world of VHL...

The small VHL tumor that was discovered on Steven's retina this past summer is now showing signs of growth and needs to be treated. My sweet son will have laser sugery, though we really are hesitant to refer to this incisionless and stitches-free treatment as surgery, on his eye this coming Monday.

While we're confident that this treatment will stop the tumor growth and prevent the loss of vision that so often happens in VHL warriors, we feel so much for our sweet son it hurts.


Keli said...

I truly had to laugh when I heard your son was going to be Paul Bunyon! I have not heard that name in years and it brought back memories from my childhood. On the northern coast of California, in the area where the beautiful Redwoods grow was a 1950s roadside attraction and out front was a huge wood statue of Paul Bunyon had his Blue Ox! Your post reminded me of all the times we stopped there.

I hope your son's eye procedure goes well and that it has the intended effect.

Hillary said...

I was diagnosed with VHL in November. Is there anyway I can contact you via email? It would be nice to talk to someone who has first hand experience with this, I'm a little lost coming from a community where the doctors look at you like your crazy when you tell them what you have.



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