Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday Morning

It's Tuesday morning,
and I'm feeling anxious and edgy.

We're flying out to Baltimore this morning,
en route to the House of Healing.

I don't believe that my son's vulnerable body
and precarious health is giving me
fits of anxiety this morning.

I'm fairly confident that all
will be stable in his brain and spine.

I'm not able to pinpoint the source
of my nervous energy.


it may be
because, through a planning snafu,
Steven and I are booked on different flights today.

it may be
because we've packed our days
with very tight schedules
and I don't want Steven
to run late
for the privilege that is NIH.

it may be
that my beautiful girl
is battling tonsillitis,
once again.

it may be
that my middle child
is testing more boundaries
than I even knew existed.

it may be
that my mental to-do list
far exceeds
my feeble memory.

it may be
that the bills that I so purposefully
paid, sealed, stamped, and planned to mail yesterday
took refuge in my overhead baggage
and are traveling to Baltimore today...

(Seriously...I'm taking my signed, sealed and stamped bills with me!)

it may be
that Bethesda is experiencing
an Arctic blast of cold and snow,
at the very same moment
that the greater Tampa area
sold out of gloves.

I'm gloveless people!


And this may just be the source
of my anxiety this morning!

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