Friday, January 01, 2010

In Summary

It has been brought to my attention, through a phone call from my sweet mother and an email from my equally sweet sister, that I have failed to give the official, Dr. V approved, December MRI results!

In summary,

(This has to be simply a summary since I sat in the waiting room this visit)

one tumor in the cerebellum and the nasty brain stem tumor

(and I don't know all of the minute details,)

show minimal growth over the past year.

(and I'm having a very hard time with this new stage)

The tumor in the cerebellum has plenty of room to grow

(of letting go)

before it causes problems that would require surgery.

(because my simple addled brain)

The brain stem tumor, while continuing it's lackadaisical pace of growth,

(truly believes that if I have all of the information)

is closing in on the magic size that will cause blockage of the fourth ventricle

(I can somehow gain control of this horrible disease)

and will require surgery in a year or two...or maybe three.

(and heal my sweet son.)


Britt-Arnhild said...

Have a blessed New Year Bev. I am joining you in your prayers for a cure!

Marcia said...

I found your blog from the Tongue In Cheek blog comments. After reading your most recent post I prayed for your son. Watching a loved one fight cancer is hard. I will also pray for you.

Manic Mother said...

I just wanted to say hello, i saw your comment on Mckmama's blog, and saw you were in FL, so am I and yes its cold!

Anyway I also have a son with cancer he is a lot younger and has something different, but wanted to say I know how hard it is. Light and love.

Shana said...

Praying for you both, friend.

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Beverly & Steven:
I think of you every day and how wonderful my day with the both of you was!!!
I hope this is a GREAT year for Steven and good is only for him.
He is such a neat guy!!!
I bet your entire family is well and happy with this new year in front of us : )
You take care and BIG hugs to all

Krystena K. said...

What an amazing son you have. Wow, he's certainly an inspiration. People tell me all the time everything we go through is "God's plan". Until recently, I was ok with that (if it's God's plan then...well, OK). But, I've come to realize I don't blieve it's His plan. I do believe what we go through makes us stronger and obviously he has his reasons for not healing us when "we want" but that will never destroy my faith and love for our Jesus. I know he doesn't want my children to be sick. FYI: What I didn't share on the message board the other day and what I haven't shared on our site is that "I" too am affected and quite ill. It's a horrific disease (Mitochondrial Disease). Additionall, I'm not sure if you caught the other part where I mentined our youngest, Evan 19mths being affected with Mito. PLUS another genetic disease called NF1 (Neurofibromatosis type I). From just what I've read on your site, it seems as though it is very similar to what your son has. His tumor receptor gene is turned of (Neurofibromin). Most tumors are malignant but some are cancerous but... even those that are pathologically "benign" are "Malignant by Location" because of how they grow on the nerve ends and are often inoperable. NF1 can, fortunately, have varied outcomes. It can be HORRIFIC or it can be very mild. To date, Evan has No tumors. The only signs he is affected are the CAL's and his short stature. I am believing God to walk "with" us through this fire. Thanks for sharing your son's story. He and you, are very inspiring.


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