Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blessed in the Storm

Mary and I are home from a long and convoluted vacation with my parents.

Oh my did we ever create some times...silly experiences...and enough site seeing to last a life time!

And just as quickly as we settled the dust and took a breath from our crazy summer, we are once again faced with a new twist and turn that a journey in life presents.

Dale will be seen at the cath lab at Tampa General Hospital tomorrow morning at 8 for an invasive test that will look at his ventricular septal defect. I'm not into "heart talk" yet...but basically the test involve a catheter that will run from his femoral artery to his heart and will have an "inside look" at the hole in Dale's heart. It will also determine the amount of blood that is moving in the wrong direction and evaluate the two valves that seem to be faltering because of this incorrect blood flow.

And, as an extra special 50th belated-birthday present, the sweet doctor will also check the status of Dale's arteries!

The first cardiologist that Dale saw this summer indicated that since this hole didn't close on it's own during childhood, and since there are some signs of high pressure in Dale's right ventricle and pulmonary artery, surgery will be needed.

Results from tomorrows testing are expected to support that doctors opinion

Long story short,
we still feel blessed...

and we'll praise Him
in this storm


Angela said...

Girl I am sorry. Will keep you all in my prayers as always. Keep us updated please.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Create memories....that's the best art we can make :-)


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