Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Summer of My Insanity

Short, sweet, and to the point.

1. Dale has an appointment with a cardiologist on June 19th to check the status of his newly "re-diagnosed" ventricular septal defect.

I'll be sure to attend that appointment with him, and I might ask the good doctor to check Dale's ears...since he says "what?" every time I talk to him!

2. David had a little accident in my car last week.
(I'd share pictures of my missing front end, but my computer had a little accident too.)

Does it frighten anyone else that he hopes to pay for his soon-to-be-exorbitant-car insurance by working at a little bunjee jumping kiosk at the mall?

Oh my!

3. Two bills for Steven and Dale's health issues arrived this week.

Oh my!

4. I am borrowing a nice, new car from my parents right now. I had to drive their old car one day last week...mine missing the front and all...and my dad told me, after I was already seated, belted and in gear, that the transmission was slipping.

I made it home safely by shifting into neutral above 30 m.p.h., coasting, and then shifting back into drive below 30 m.p.h.

Unfortunately that was a bit too much technology for me, and now my brain is slipping too.

5. My little girl is growing up!

Is that allowed?
Someone stop this insanity!


Heather said...

WOW! What a summer indeed! I'm sorry about your car, but I am thrilled that no one is hurt. What a blessing! I hope everything goes well at Dale's appointment. Aaron's utterance of choice when I speak to him is "huh?" And HOLY COW, did Mary up and turn 16 while I wasn't looking? Geez! You'll be beating the boys off with a stick soon (if you're not already!)

carole said...

Hi Beverly:
My goodness. Well, no one can say you have a boring or dull life : ) I can envision you coasting after 30 miles an hour : )I can remember having a {"bucket" as my daughters would say} car that stopped every time I went up a hill. The only problem was I lived in San Francisco where almost all streets are a hill : )
16 days and I get to see you and Steven : )


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