Monday, June 29, 2009

Reflections from 35,000 Feet

1. Though I never saw the Grand Canyon from the sky, I do believe that we flew over the Mojave Desert...but it could have been the moon by the looks of it!

2. I bonded with a fellow passenger on the flight over...sadly I don't mean in an emotional or psychological way.

3. My little girl doesn't understand "time zone theory", and we received calls at the oddest times.

4. Hollywood Blvd. is just plain odd. Venice Beach is just plain odd too, but in a fun sort of way!

5. The "Hollywood" sign is visible even through layers of throat-scratching and eye-rubbing smog!

6. My level of patience is indirectly related to the number of time zones I travel through and exponentially lowered by the number of days that I'm not in my zone!

7. Three nights stay in a nice southern California hotel requires a small mortgage!

8. Pacific Ocean breezes are more aromatic and refreshing than the Atlantic Ocean winds...sorry!

9. Fine dining can be had at a taco stand.

10. I have finally had that $5 cup of coffee...though strangley enough it tasted much like the 99 cent cup I frequently buy at McDonalds.

11. I believe that I saw a small enclave of real housewives while circling Orange County.

12. Though my brain may have been a bit radiated at 35,000 feet, I do believe that it feels good to be home...cranky kids, laundry, bills and all!

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