Thursday, May 07, 2009


We have tickets.

And while we still have many, many pancake tickets left to raise money....

the tickets I'm most excited about this evening are two airplane tickets to California...

because Steven won the YouTube contest!

We're thrilled beyond thrilled, amazed beyond amazed, and stoked beyond stoked to go to the VHLFA yearly conference in California.

And we're humbled beyond humbled that we only sent out a few emails...and so many people all over the world took the reins by sending emails to friends, posting on Facebook, and putting the notice on their blogs.

Thanks you so very, very much!

And as for the video...

We aren't videographers.
We aren't script writers.
We aren't directors.
We aren't photographers.
We aren't professional soccer players.
We aren't artists.
We aren't painters.

We are just a family forced to believe that nothing is impossible.
Steven is just a sweet boy in search of a cure.

Keep watching!
I promise you'll be inspired!

1 comment:

carole said...

Ohhh YEAH!!!
Oh My Goodness!!!
Hip Hip Hurrah!!!
Oh Beverly that is so cool!!!
Will he take pictures and document his journey?
Thank you, from the bottom, of my heart for sharing the information with me : )
peace & hope


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