Sunday, May 10, 2009

These Hands

These hands
drove 10,080 miles of carpools,
changed 7865 diapers,
washed 18,250 underpants and twice as many socks.

These hands are busy.

These hands
costumed many a pirate and princess,
crafted play-dough castles,
colored purple dinosaurs.

These hands create.

These hands
flipped pages in books,
guided pencils,
supplied the extra fingers for adding.

These hands teach.

These hands
wiped fevered brows,
washed skinned knees,
dried many tears.

These hands soothe.

These hands
held the soft dimples of a little hand,
straightened the ties of tuxes,
cradled many home made cards,

These hands cherish.

These hands are thankful.
These hands are blessed.

Happy Mother's Day
May, 2009

1 comment:

carole said...

Hi Beverly:
Happy Happy Mom;s day to you!!!
I am glad I met you as I have grown through knowing about Steven!!!
Have a great week.
We truly are fortunate


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