Monday, May 04, 2009

Bits and Pieces


1. A winner for the YouTube contest has not yet been far as I know!
Keep watching Steven!

2. If you live far away, please eat vicariously Saturday morning and consider giving a donation by using the "firstgiving" button on the side of the blog.

3. If you live locally and haven't yet bought tickets...

4. T-shirts are here!

All the "flippers" and "servers" can now be duly attired on Saturday morning!

5. This week while I am finishing preparations for the breakfast, I will also be planning and celebrating a Mother's Day Tea with my class, cooking dinner three out of five nights, watching David play in the regional high school baseball tournement, laundering ten loads of dirt and grime, working, and beginning preparations for year-end conferences and festivities.

I hope I don't forget to buy groceries!

Have I mentioned that I'm a bit frazzled at times?

6. Steven scanned abdominally today. He drank his gazillion mL of contrast successfully and tolerated the scan like a pro.

I'm not sure when or how we'll get results.

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