Monday, April 06, 2009

Just Askin'

If you've been asked twice, even at the happiest place in the world, if you are your daughter's grandmother,

does that mean that your daughter, and her friends, look particularly youthful for their twelve years,

or that you are aging at an exponential rate and can be called "rather mature" for your forty-eight years?

Please don't answer that question!

(And I did the math...after the sweet grandmotherly attendant at Disney remarked about my three beautiful "grand-daughters" yestersday. I guess that in a less-than-perfect-world this side of the Mason-Dixon line, I could be their grandmother!)


Angela said...

She just didnt have her glasses on!! Or was just on a "it's a small world after all" buzz! LOL

Britt-Arnhild said...

OL. Looks like there are two of us :-)

Anonymous said...

wow it was so much fun there
p.s the girl with the blue strip top thats me beverlys daughter


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