Sunday, March 08, 2009

Impossible is Nothing

I truly think you will enjoy this inspirational little message, so I'm asking you to stop reading here on "the blog" and scoot over to YouTube.

And, if you like this video, watch it again...and again...and again!

If he has plenty of YouTube "hits", Steven could win a trip to California this summer for the VHLFA annual conference!

(If the link doesn't work, please copy and paste...again...and again...and again!)


Sheryl said...

VERY well done. Love it! Okay, now I need to remember to click on it lots of times. You're fortunate to have someone who is home a lot on your team - happy to do what I can to send you on this trip.

Britt-Arnhild said...

If I knew how to share this in my blog I would do it....... I have shared it on facebook though.

Good luck!

mm said...

I have sent the video to many friends and I know they will watch. I thank Cory who blog I watch and fortunately looked at it today. I put it up on a forum that doesn't have many people posting but has lots of people reading and I am sure some will watch the video.


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