Monday, December 15, 2008


I sneaked a quick view of the MRI pictures this evening. I think there is only slight growth...

no cysts

no enlarged ventricles

and no need for immediate brain surgery

But also

no absence of disease

and no miracles.

However tonight I also looked at a series of scans that we've never seen before, a different view, a different technique, a very unusual scan series for Steven. And in this new series of scans, I found something very odd in my son's brain....


While the Virgin Mary might do better on eBay, I think Steven was pretty thrilled to find that his very loved dog has taken up residence in his head!

It's been a long day. Tomorrow we see Dr. V for the official declaration of stable.


Sheryl said...

i tell ya what, humor in the midst of this is surely a miracle!! still praying with you.

Anonymous said...

I've spent some time reading through past entries and have so enjoyed your writing, even as you tell about a difficult journey.

I will definitely be back to continue to follow the story!



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