Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wednesday Wishes

from the trenches

It has been one of those weeks that stresses my nerves.

The dryer is pouring out odd odors. David's PSAT scores became available to us, and the numbers worry me. I've become overwhelmed with the wonderful projects of giving that happen during this Christmas season. And, because of those bustling activities, our family has had left-over spaghetti three nights in a row...maybe four. Steven has been trying to find housing for next year, while Dale and I are still paying the bills for next semester.

It has also been one of those weeks that stresses my spirit.

And I received notice that another young VHL warrior, a university student just a year or so older than Steven, is facing yet another brain surgery for a VHL tumor. And the tumor and cyst sit near his brain stem.

I've never met this young man. I've read the details of his struggle with this tumor and the impending surgery as they have unfolded on the VHL Community website, but I don't know this young warrior at all.

And yet I feel that I know his mother's heart. I understand what she will be feeling as she sits in the surgical waiting room. I know how long the first night in ICU will be. I am familiar with the energy and effort that she will put into lifting her son's spirits in the weeks that follow. I feel that I know her well, and I ache for her.

At the same time that this young man is facing another atrocious surgery from this insidious disease, the rest of the Christian world, our family included, will be celebrating a season of hope, peace, love and joy, and anticipating the arrival of the Baby that gave us these eternal gifts.

How odd.

And as I try to wrap my limited mind around the mixture of emotions,
all that I can do
is wish.

Three wishes.

1. I wish for a cure for VHL.

A pure and simple cure is all that I'll settle for. A course of medication that will result in a 90% cure rate is what we need.

2. I wish for a successful surgery for this young man.

Pray that all goes well with this surgery. Pray for a quick recovery so that this family can celebrate the season. Pray that he has an easy spell with the disease for the next few years. Pray for his mom.

3. I wish that others will come to appreciate the season as we do.

I love Christmas. I love this holiday for all the right reasons. It is the beginning of a wonderful plan. And because of the birth of our Christ, I can truly live with hope and joy despite stresses, both large and small, that we face.

I wish everyone looked beyond the tinsel.

And hold your children close, teenagers and college students included!


tongue in cheek said...

My wishes and prayers include yours.

Psychomom said...

God Bless Every One! Please.

Angela said...

I am so far behind in my blog reading. Hang in there honey. With all this stress and everything running through your mind, just take it a day at a time. And remember,baby Jesus grew into a man. And that man, well He did it all for us. Hugs!

Britt-Arnhild said...

I ecco your prayers Beverly. And I hold my four kids close, especially the oldest one, ages 25, who has just returned from three years in Australia.


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