Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The News

and only the news!

This sweet little artcle about our amazing day is running in the next edition of the VHL newsletter. I hope it inspires a few others involved in the VHL world to hold a pancake breakfast fundraiser! I hope it inspires us to continue working on raising awareness and funds!

I've been a little frustrated with fundraising lately. Our first, and only, attempt was so absolutely easy and successful, that I expected the next phase of fundraising to be just the same.

But it's not. It seems that I forgot that the next phase was in Dale's hands.

He wants to hold a poker run, as one of his obsessions is motorcycles (but thankfully not poker), and I was hoping that he would begin outlining some plans during the past week when he was on vacation.


So I might have to take charge, though there will be no motorcycles or poker hands in any plans that I make!

The total raised during this fundraiser was a little more than reported...the article only reflects money sent immediately after the fundraiser...not the money from firstgiving nor the money sent in a few weeks after the fundraiser...so we did very, very well!


Britt-Arnhild said...

Keep on!

tongue in cheek said...

Cure Steven
Heal Steven
My prayers and thoughts join yours.



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