Sunday, August 26, 2007

Top Ten

Reasons for no news

1. My computer is sick...very, very sick. Thanks to some crafty consequences for bad behavior, I do have use of David's laptop. However, it takes me about 33 minutes to type a two syllable word on this keyboard.

So I've had no desire to type on this computer.

2. It's been an emotional week for me. I've felt very stressed and I miss my boy.

I don't, however, miss my husband.
That should give you an idea of my stresses.

And I've decided not to share.

3. The start of school also means the start of work for me, and we've been very, very busy.

I have had no time to think, much less coherently.

4. Since the fundraiser, I've been unnaturally aware of who might be peeking into my ramblings and ruminations. That thought has caused me to be a little more self-censoring than usual.

So I have been leery of sharing.

5. I had an interesting email from someone who stopped by the site and commented that I had created a sweet little blog "about my son going away to college."

And that made me worry about staying true to the emphasis of the blog.

(Although I seriously feel like everything that Steven does fall under the general umbrella of "Life with von Hippel Lindau disease".)

Unfortunately, the email also gave me this strong urge to cram VHL information down the throat of the world wide web...but I know that's not good.

So, I've stayed silent.

6. I am, perhaps, being critiqued by my own children.

7. Steven has a tentative neurosurgical appointment on September 11th. We might cancel in favor of the more relaxed month - more relaxed for him - of December. Other than that, there is no health news for Steven.

At times it seems that there might be nothing to share.

8. It seems that I misread the packaging for some individually wrapped drink mix. While I thought we were buying orange flavored carbonated crytals to add to our water, we really were drinking highly caffeinated drinks all week.

Needless to say, the drinks left me too wired to sleep for half of the week, and the lack of sleep kept me too tired to form a sensible thought worth typing.

9. I dont' want to jinx Steven by proclaiming his very fine adjustment to college life. I'm also very aware that I woutld be invading his privacy if I tell about all of the moments that aren't so smooth.

So I've chosen not to reveal every little detail of this crazy time.

10. Did I mention that my computer is very sick, and it takes me about 33 minutes to type two syllables on this laptop?

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