Monday, July 09, 2007

My BFF "Blue"

We're very thankful for insurance. It has been very, very good to us. However, it does seems that the more you need it, the more they reject your claims! Everyday I check the status of claims online. Everyday we see more claims that the insurance company is fussing over. Everyday I have to make a phone call and find out the latest reason for the denied coverage.

And this makes Dale a very nervous person.

So I couldn't help it today. Dale came into the room as I was checking the latest news from BCBS, and he asked why the phone bill was so high...
I had to say it...

"IDK my BFF 'Blue'."

And before I make anyone else a very nervous person, the insurance seems to be covering everything...just rejecting many things the first time around.


diary of a genetic defect said...

Yet again I thank my lucky stars for the NHS. As if you don't have enough on your plate and enough worries. I'm glad all seems to be going well. I week today till baby and yes i'll put up pictures.

take care

Angela said...

I thank God with you for insurance. Our deductable part is about to drown us, but without the insurance, we would have already gone under.

tongue in cheek said...

This is oe of the reason I am happy to live in a country that offers medical care!
My friend had a little boy who had cancer. One year the bills stacked up to three million dollars!
They were very lucky to have health insurance.
I cannot image the stress of having a child who is ill, let alone a health care that is so very expensive!

Cathie Fussell said...

Hi-I'm a friend of Renee's. This is extremely typical of BCBS! I went thru' the same thing about 8 years ago with my husband and still EVERYDAY as a healthcare collections supervisor! If you ever need my help, let me know!


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