Monday, July 23, 2007



I recently received an email from a sweet new acquaintance who described the need to live with commitment, not hope. It really was a sweet email, just with a different twist in living with an illness like this. The words were thought provoking ,to say the least, as I've always described this journey as being walked in hope. And as I pondered this new idea, I realized that we really are living with a commitment. We are committed, as a family, to taking every reasonable means to better Steven's health and to funding the research that will find a cure for Steven.

At the same time, we live with hope.

We are committed to hope!

Hope that Steven lives beyond the constraints of this disease. Hope that the research one day soon finds a cure.


Today, tomorrow and always!

And tomorrow perhaps we need just an extra bit of hope!

A reporter from a local paper is coming to our house to talk about the fundraiser and this disease.

I hope that everyone watches their words and leaves their other odd noises out of the visit! Oh my!

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tongue in cheek said...

Committment yes, and a love that heals. Your is the strongest.


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