Friday, June 29, 2007


Guess where we are?

Guess who we saw?

We're on vacation, deep in the mountains of West Virginia. We had to make a quick pit stop in a new town, Logan, located in the southern part of the state. As we were driving in we kept seeing signs for the Hatfield/McCoy trail. Well, if you've read Steven's story long enough, you know the association between the
McCoy family and VHL.

The McCoys are from Kentucky, and while we were close to the border, the roads were too miserable to make that trek. So instead we pulled out the AAA travel book and hunted down the family burial ground of the Hatfields, just 11 miles south of Logan and located on a fairly nice road. We also happened on the Hatfield museum...well, a collection of pictures and books stored in a rusty doorless trailer! The sweetest granddaughter of the original Papa Hatfield greeted us at the door and talked a bit about the famous feud. After a lengthy discussion about the area, the families and the history, I mentioned VHL and Steven. Ms. Hatfield told us that she was interviewed by a local news station after the story aired, and her response was classic.

"I told them everybody has a little bit of rage every now and then."

Love it!

And while Mary and I are gone, Steven's in charge of food. I bought enough groceries last Wednesday to make three really good and heaty meals, complete with recipes. I also picked up quite a bit of odds and ends, such as lunch meat, cheese, bread, fruit, cereal, and milk, to fill in the hunger when the major meals wouldn't do.

So far "the men" have had supper with Nuni and Pap and subs from a sub shop!

Oh my!

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