Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday, June 4th


Steven's in surgery now.

Waiting was emotional torture...he was teary a few times, and I asked if he was nervous.

"Not scared Mom, just sad."

"Sad because everyone's not here yet...or because you have to do this?"

"Because I have to do this. Just sad."

I'm not feeling nervous or scared either. Not about this tumor with this doctor.

But I am a little sad too...and a lot angry.

A disease with no cure
that makes my son sad
has me a little bit sad
and a whole lot angry.

10:00 a.m.

No updates yet from the O.R...

...and waiting can be a tiring job!


We just met with Dr. v. and a couple of his compatriots as Steven is being stitched up and put back together. In about 2 hours he should be in an ICU room. There are details that I'm not yet processing (something about a missing piece of bone and newly inserted mesh) but the good news is that the surgery went exactly as planned. The one pesky tumor is gone, and with it the cyst.


Steven is being adjusted to a bed in ICU now. It seems that he will be in the pediatric ICU overnight, with great possibility of moving on to a regular bed tomorrow. I did get to see my sweet boy in the hallway on his way out of recovery. He was awake and speaking...but obviously drugged!



Steven's sleeping.

They saved the hair!?!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates and the pictures, Bev. I appreciate seeing Steven. Praying he won't suffer too much pain. David looked pretty cute sleeping, too.
Keep writing.
Love, Aunt Judy

Anonymous said...

Hi Steven! We will all be praying for you during your surgery. I'm sorry you have to go through that. Keep smiling!
Delta Love <3 Arica

Anonymous said...

Steven- Good Luck Today! We will be thinking about you and hoping for a smooth and quick recovery! Delta Love, Julie


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