Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just Another Bump in the Road

And in the back of the head...

Steven didn't have his stitches removed today. It seems that the small bump that has formed under the incision in the back of his head is an indication that the cerebral spinal fluid has found a tiny leak through the meninges and is collecting just under the skin.

Diane, the P.A. that we saw today, told Steven that this is a normal complication with back-of-the-brain surgery.

Isn't it odd what we consider "normal" now days?

The plan now is to save the gauze, antiseptic lotions, scissors and other stitch-removal paraphernalia for next week. We will return to Harbourside Medical Center next Friday and take another peek at this fluid build-up. If it has resolved, Steven will have stitches removed then. If not...well, we didn't ask!

The good news from today is that Steven is free to drive! He is also able to wean back on the steroids with plans of being totally off medication in about four days. Diane assured Steven that the odd symptoms that he has been having, sleeplessness and a foggy feeling in his brain, are medication related. The follow-up head CT that is scheduled for early July can also be cancelled. No need. And the pathology report came back as "Hemangioblastoma". No surprises there. Interestingly enough, we learned that the brain, in the surgery area, will take about three months to heal.

A little bit of bad news, besides the fluid build up and the itchy stitches, is that restrictions are still in place for any strenuous physical activity. No bending and heavy lifting...

which means no repeat trips to Splitsville for another four weeks!


A frustrated Steven

(And yes, we enjoyed a lunch out again today ~ appetizers and all!)

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Heather said...

Oh no! I hate to hear that, but I'll be praying that the problem resolves itself before the next checkup. I'll bet he's glad to be able to drive again!


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