Thursday, June 07, 2007


And Other Funny Stuff

Steven's been home since 11:30 today. I didn't make it home until 3.

The list of errands was THIS long:

Pick up pain pills.
(Vicodin again...60 this time.)
Find a pharmacy that carried 2 mg Decadron.
(Who knew that steroids would be hard to fill.)
Pick up Clorox and other disinfectants.
(Dale and David are great at picking up.)
(But the house had a very odd smell.)
Get chili-cheese dogs from Campbells for lunch.
(He requested.)
Pick up Vanessa.
(Also high on his list of priorities.)
(My Goodness!)

Buy two new pillows.
(Steven's neck is so sore.)
Get gas.
(I was running on empty!)
(Literally and figuratively)

And so on...
and so on...

Isn't odd how difficult it is to really get home?

And other funny stuff.

Steven was very silly those first few hours in the ICU. Whether from the pain medicine, the anesthesia, or just the relief, I'll never know. But his comments are print worthy.

"Nuni, could you move my pillow up?"
"Now down a little bit."
"No, up a little bit."
"Maybe a little more down...never mind, I'm just messing with you."

"Mom, please itch my shoulder."
"Could you scratch my back."
"Now my leg itches."
"David help Mom...scratch my *****."

A scary low arterial line blood pressure of 50/35 caused a quick visit from a staff neurosurgeon. The doctor was giving Steven a quick neuro-type exam, and he asked Steven to rapidly touch his fingers to his nose then the drs fingers and back to his nose. And repeat, many times, quickly. Steven was slow and labored and at one point got his finger in the wrong place.

"Is it OK if I touch my nostril instead?"
"Oops, it's stuck!"

(The low arterial line b.p. was from a kink in the line! The blood pressure reading from the cuff ran fairly low...somewhere in the area of 90/50...for 24 hours, but not scary low.)


Beverly said...

steven i love u alot and i hope u will feel better

love ur sis mary

Renee said...


We are so glad your finally home. You truly amaze all of us of how quickly you are recovering. I'm glad things went well and your feeling better. We love you.

Aunt Renee, Uncle Felix and Antonio

tongue in cheek said...

You amaze me.
Conitnued prayers of healing

Heather said...

I can't believe y'all are home already! Thank goodness! And thank God for a great sense of humor =)!


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